It is important to keep your body clean from the inside out. A regulated gut is necessary for your overall health.

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Here are five detox friendly foods.

This vegetable is full of hydration. Cucumbers help you release toxins that are stored in your system. It also helps the body absorb nutrients because it contains soluble fiber. Since cucumbers are made up of water, you will stay full longer and flush out more toxins. You can add cucumbers to your water, eat them as a snack, or put them in a salad.


What many consider an annoying weed is a detoxing powerhouse. Dandelion will cleanse your liver and keep your urinary tract functioning regularly.  If you opt to put this green goodness in a salad, season it with natural herbs because it has a bitter taste. Add dandelion to your salad, steam them as vegetables, or drink the tea.

Known as a blood purifier, natural diuretic, and immune booster burdock is packed with antioxidants. It also has vitamins and minerals like folic acid, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, riboflavin, vitamin E, and C. Add burdock to soup, a mixed vegetable dish, or salad.

This food helps enhance your skin and reduce inflammation. Avocado also has an antioxidant called glutathione, this helps your liver function properly. Add avocado to a salad, a yummy dip with pita, or as a spread on crackers.

If you have a cold, hot garlic tea will do the trick. Before you turn up your nose, add some lime and honey and you are good to go. Garlic is known to purify blood, cleanse the liver and keep your immune system on point. Add garlic to your cooked meals, salad, or make a garlic paste.

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