Lil Jon wants these Republicans to keep his name out of their mouths.

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Arizona Representative Paul Gosar tweeted his polling numbers which were 69.69. He then referenced Lil Jon’s hit song “Get Low”, Tweeting “69.69 damn thats fine” and went on to @ Lil Jon in the tweet.

Lil Jon wasn’t having it and responded to Gosar. “DONT QUOTE MY SONGS BRUH. ON ANOTHER NOTE R You GONN HELP 45 PACK HIS SHIT UP.”


However, Gosar kept using Lil Jon’s lyrics, which made Lil Jon finally come after the Republican representative. “WHENS YOUR VICTORY PARTY AT FOUR SEASON TOTAL LANDSCAPING??” Jon said, referring to the post-election results press conference Rudy Giuliani threw in front of a landscaping business called Four Seasons.

Lil Jon must’ve gotten Gosar outta here because he never responded. Delina DiSanto, the woman who ran against Gosar, thanked Lil Jon for calling the representative out.