According to several confirmed reports, the only officer charged in the Breonna Taylor case, but not for her actual death, has been accused of sexual assault that allegedly occurred in 2018.

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Brett Hankison, the St. Louis police officer charged with wanton endangerment in the shooting death of Breonna Taylor, is being sued by Margo Borders, a bartender who says that Hankison sexually assaulted her and contends that the officer forced himself on her after she passed out from the night of drinking. Borders says that when she screamed, Hankison grabbed his uniform and left.

Borders allege that he and another officer, who never took action against Hankison knowing his misconduct, were responsible both directly and indirectly for her assault. She also claims that several women have brought forth similar claims against Hankison but the police department never pursued any of the accusations. 

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