Bel-Air Athletics has announced a global relaunch of the brand, which comes with a limited edition November collection.

The new drop will have 57 pieces and have exclusive offerings with an emphasis on elevated classics, including new hoodies, long-sleeved shirts, T-shirts, shorts, sweatpants, socks and headwear. The pieces will range from $55 to $695. key pieces include the Script Logo Short ($80), which features a large vintage Bel-Air logo, and the Gym Logo Tee ($55), a reinvention of the classic Bel-Air staple and the go-to item is an extremely limited Bel-Air Athletics Varsity Jacket ($695).

The new Bel-Air Athletics product has been redesigned and sourced in Italy, with every product being hand-made by premium materials, trims and hardware.

29BELH01R199 01
29BELH01R199 01

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“Evolution and innovation are critical to any successful brand and Bel-Air Athletics is no exception,” said Samyr Laine, the Bel-Air Athletics Brand General Manager. “While we’re thrilled with the brand response to date, we see an opportunity to grow our global imprint and deliver unparalleled product quality. This new direction will set the foundation for Bel-Air Athletics to influence the luxury fashion space for years to come.”

The full collection can be found on their site here.