Pam Long of the 90s R&B group, Total, was very vocal about her “truth” on her marriage to her ex-husband, Jamie Long, who is now married to Cyntoia Brown.

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Pam publicly abused him of being abusive to her and even alleged that he forced himself on her. It seems like the singer had a change of heart and issued a public apology to Jamie and his family.

“I come before you today with deep regrets concerning a statement that I’m about to make. On October the 20th, 2019 for my show Pam’s World, I made a comment about my ex-husband Jamie Long. And that comment was that he forces himself on women, and right after that I said ‘do you remember that night?’ Basically I was telling the world that my ex-husband forced himself on me sexually, and that was a lie.”


Pam continued, “Jamie I’m sorry for what it is that I have said about you. I’m sorry for the shame that I have brought to your name, to your family, to you, your wife, your mom, your sister, and those who love you.”

She asked for forgiveness from Jamie and her supporters. “Also to my family, my church family, to my friends, to those who love me who had no idea that this was a lie that I said concerning Jamie. I ask that you forgive me as well. Jamie I’m sorry and I know sorry does not make up for what I have said. But I ask that you will find it in your heart to forgive me for what I have done to you and your family.”

The total member warned Cyntoia Brown about her husband just earlier this year. “This man is diabolical and he is such a manipulator […[ The way this man pursued this woman is the way he did me. He came and found me using the same card, ‘He was a Christian artist,” Pam told The Neighborhood Talk.

Jamie responded once to the allegations on The Breakfast Club. “Me and my wife, we’re serious. We’re serious about what we’re doing, we’re serious about the message and I’ve been divorced from Pam for four, five years now. I just feel like it was selfish of her to come out and do something like that because it’s like you discredit what my wife is trying to do, trying to attach your name to something like this,” he said.

It’s unclear why Pam has a change of heart, but it’s important to be honest about all allegations, especially serious ones because people are actually abused.

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