Nigerian Miami rapper King Uche (@1KingUche), aka The “Flygerian” ~ The Flyest Nigerian on Earth!, just dropped his debut project EP, Flygerian Music, now available for streaming and download on all platforms Worldwide.

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“I loved the essence and energy seen in Trap Music because the overall story of never giving up and believing you can Beat All Odds Against you had me hooked! It resonated! I looked up to Southern Greats such as Rick Ross, Boosie, and Gucci Mane; in addition to Afro Legends from Fela to current Stars such as Burna Boy & Grime Star Skepta” he stated about the project. Dive deep into the offering as he switches up his versatility throughout each individual record, giving us an EP experience unlike any before him. Half Afrobeats & Half Rap, King Uche is here to set a whole new style for artists! Check out the project and interview with the artist below.

For anyone who isn’t aware of you, who is King Uche?I am King Uche “The Flygerian!” A Nigerian-Born, US Raised prodigy, gearing for A GLOBAL AFRO TAKEOVER! Being of IGBO ancestry, I was Born in Imo State, Nigeria but Relocated to Miami (USA) at a young age. I now recently live in Los Angeles, California.  My story is Unique and I feel that I am in a perfect position in life to tell it and in the process SHAKE UP THE CULTURE! To me, being King Uche or to say being a “Flygerian” is a way of life and a symbol. 


This world is filled with Pain & Suffering, Love and Ambition, Hustle & Motivation! These are the themes that make-up King Uche’s music. The ideals we all need to embrace to have a better experience on this Earth! Mr. NEVER TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER! King Uche is a LIFESTYLE, a LIGHT that will forever SHINE BRIGHT, Bright enough to show the way to those who believe.  Who is King Uche you ask? Well how about you FOLLOW KING UCHE (@1KingUche) & Find Out TODAY!
What was it like growing up in Nigeria?Growing up in Nigeria was different. Nigeria is its own bowl, full of chaos and peace at the same time.  It’s like being born in a Dragon’s mouth. There’re flames everywhere and if you don’t pay attention or work hard to get out, those flames will consume you. I Miss Living in Nigeria. I miss the food, I miss my friends, I miss the chaos, but I most importantly I miss the peace. Life as a child was dark but fun. My Father left me and my only brother to starve to death. My brother died of malnutrition before I could even walk and my mother was left to fend for us. Here I am Thanking GOD for all that’s been done in my Life. Life in Nigeria was Very dangerous but also very safe. I remember waking up to the sounds of Roosters in the morning, I remember having to carry everything on my head to help feed my family (food, water, anything you name it). I remember the day I went to the local cave to get water for my family and fell into the crocodile infested water and how my life flashed. I remember hunting for bushmeat with my uncles in the dark, I remember living only with a lamp and matches, I remember grabbing a snake that entered our house and cutting its head off. I felt seemingly invincible during my life as a poor low-class village boy, then I came to America and almost lost all my confidence. I was born and raised in a small village in the southeastern region of Nigeria, a region primarily occupied by my Tribe, THE IGBO TRIBE! A righteous group with outstanding values. I was raised to respect GOD, respect my elders & all Women, and to treat everyone outside my home with respect and dignity, as I would my own brother and sister. Being raised up in the Catholic Church, I also learned my core values from my childhood in Nigeria and from The Greatest Grand Mother any human being can ever have, my EZINNE! Aka “Good Mother” in my Igbo Dialect. 

Talk about your new EP, what’s the inspiration behind Flygerian Music?

FLYGERIAN MUSIC is the first stepping stone on my journey to developing my own sound and lane in Music History. Let Me Explain where I got it from. The word FLYGERIAN is a term that I personally developed to describe my persona and my experiences in Life. A “Flygerian” ( Fly-Nigerian) is a person that sees no limit to life. We see no obstacles in our paths towards Greatness. Being a Flygerian is a way of life for the brave and those willing to face their storms instead of hiding from it. 

So now that you understand that, you can understand why I named my debut EP “FLYGERIAN MUSIC.” My inspiration behind the content in my music is just my overall drive to WIN. Coming out of Africa and being dumped in Miami, Florida, I experienced a culture shock unlike any I’ve ever known. I found myself instantly fascinated with American Life and at the same time disgusted. I fell in love with the American Dream and the already established Genre’s of the period, RAP/TRAP Music. Being Nigerian I was raised up on Afrobeats, which was primarily used to celebrate/praise God and Life. I wanted the challenge of Mixing both cultures! Afrobeats and Rap.

I loved the essence and energy seen in Southern Style Trap Music because the overall story of never giving up and believing you can Beat All Odds Against you had me hooked! It resonated! I looked up to Southern Greats such as Rick Ross, Boosie, and Gucci Mane; in addition to Afro/Nigerian Legends from Fela to current Stars such as Burna Boy & Grime Star Skepta. I wanted the freedom and power that they had as Black Men beating the odds. At first, I wanted to be like Birdman, so I created my own Indi Record Label called Sufferings and Offerings Music.  I created it so that I can help push my American born cousins who were rapping in the streets 5+ years without the knowledge or connections to distribute their content. Sadly those same people I created the company to help, refused to work with me because I was just another negro with a dream, just like them. Another form of self-hate but I did not let that stop my grind.  Afterwards, I decided to go the Rick Ross route. Make Myself the Artist and The CEO. I Signed Myself and ever since then I’ve gone from the Kid that had 0 abilities to what will become the future African King of Rap. I will mix my own essense into my music to create a new realm of AFRO TRAP & Afro Fusion MUSIC. FLYGERIAN MUSIC 1 IS JUST THE FIRST OF THAT STEPPING STONE TO GREATNESS.  This EP will give anyone listening to it Hip-Hop, Trap, Afrobeats, Grime, and Pop Vibes. You will feel like you’re listening to Kodak Black or Gucci Mane on one song, Skepta and Burna Boy on one side, Davido/WizKid/Poopcaan, and some Meek Mill mixed with some Drizzy. Half Hip-Hop & Half Afrobeats!  THAT’S THE ESSENCE OF “FLYGERIAN MUSIC” ! GO LISTEN/STREAM/SAVE THE EP NOW ON SPOTIFY, APPLE MUSIC, TIDAL, AUDIOMACK AND ALL OTHER STREAMING SERVICES!

What is your favorite track on the project and why?

 My favorite Track is the Song called “OYA.” I made that song while I was in the car waiting for my girlfriend to finish her hair appointment and I feel like it is very close to the direction I see myself heading with my music. It speaks AFRO TRAP to me and I plan to use it as the model for what my future content will look like. My other favorites include “YRN (Young Rich Naija) and “Drip Like Indomie” these ones are my AFRO Fusion Gem of Afro Beats and Hip-Hop. My favorite Rap Songs on my EP are “Yea I Know” “Danny Phantom” and “Type I Like.” Listen to the EP today and let us know which are your favorites!

What do you want fans to take away from the project after listening to it?

 I want all my supporters to feel more confident, wiser, and highly motivated after listening to my Project. My trials and tribulations have had a very large impact on my confidence. Sometimes it feels like everyone wants to see me lose just because I choose to win the right way. After listening to my project, all I ask is for my supporters to give me a chance to grow in this industry. Download, Save, and Share my music. Let me know which side of the world you’re listening from. I’m a very cool dude I don’t bite, give me feedback I live off it. I want my supporters to feel engaged with my music. I want my music to make those supporters feel motivated, energetic, and ready to conquer all aspects of life!

In terms of next year, what do you have planned music-wise?

 CONCERTS! TOURS! FREE GIVE AWAYS AND SCHOLARSHIPS! AMONG MANY MORE! I have 1 one Afrobeats artist, ‘Martins Luv’, signed to me that lives in Nigeria. I hope to blow up in order to invest the profits back into my business and be able to help proliferate the rise of me, my artists, and the Sufferings and Offerings empire in total. I want to be able to give my fans and supporters a live experience unlike any they’ve ever seen before. I plan to be engaged with my supporters as much as possible so that I can deliver them more Music and experiences unlike anything they’ve ever witnessed before.

Anything else you’d like to add?

I created Sufferings and Offerings Music as a Musical HUB and Family for anyone looking to Join. If you’re and independent artist facing the same issues I did or if you just simply have doubters in your life that you would like to prove wrong! Our DOOR’s OPEN! I will Use My Label and Music to show people that the impossible is possible as long as you put in the work. I will motivate All African Youths and show all the lost ones worldwide that this WORLD can be OURS as long as we BELIEVE and WALK in our PURPOSE.