Over the past week, rumors swirled about the fate of the Houston Rockets. Everything has been said in a range from role players wanting out to James Harden to staying loyal to the Rockets.

One of the biggest rumors was Russell Westbrook wanting out to take over a team as he did in Oklahoma City. ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith hit Twitter and said that he was told Westbrook and Harden, longtime friends, no longer wanted to play with each other.

Friday (Nov. 13) was Westbrook’s birthday, but he took time out to hop in the ESPN Instagram comments to give an update on the rumors.

“It’s my birthday, but I should say,” Westbook began. “This is completely fabricated. Y’all have a good night.”

Do you think the run of Harden and Westbrook is over? Or could it just be bad sports talk rumors making the rounds online?