Plus-size model Tabria Majors broke the internet with her iconic tribute to Beyonce Knowles and she just received the coveted Ivy Park gift from the queen herself.

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Tabria wrote on her Twitter page:

“You have a delivery from Beyonce”


WTF! Y’all already know me and @mttalves got something planned for this!

In an 11-minute tribute, Tabria and director Matt Alves recreated five of Beyoncé’s past videos including “Crazy In Love,” “Deja Vu,” “Single Ladies” up to last Summer’s “Already” from Black Is King. She executed each look effortlessly and even received a nod from Queen B herself.

From the locations, hairstyles, seductive looks and dance moves—Tabria nailed it. At some points you have to squint because the resemblance is uncanny.

Beyonce even included her in her costume roundup with the caption, “Thank you for the love on Halloween! Ya’ll are coming for my ‘fits!! ”

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From the curves to the commitment to the unedited shots of a full-fledged woman—Tabria embodied every woman.
We all have a little of Beyonce in us. That unapologetic, classy, fearless, hardworking fashion icon we work hard to be.

Tabria wrote on her Instagram:
I know y’all are over me lol but #BEYLLOWEEN is finally here! I wanted to do something different this year for Halloween and pay tribute to someone that I admire and respect so much—BEYONCE! This project was incredibly stressful to make but so much fun! I am NOT a dancer by any means—my friends always clown me for it lolll But I wanted to apply Beyoncé’s infamous work ethic to this project and see how far I could push myself. I could not have done this without the help of @kany16 teaching a non dancer all of this choreography. She’s the real MVP! And special thanks to my director and friend @mttalves who helped bring this vision to life from beginning to end. I couldn’t have done it without you ️ Everyone who was apart of this worked so hard and I appreciate you all so much!! I hope you all enjoy!

The Savage/Fenty and Sports Illustrated model went live on Instagram and shared that while she was able to call in a lot of favors, the production cost “nearly 100K! Check out this amazing piece of art below.