ESPN had massive layoffs last week for numerous reasons. One of the many people who lost their job was The Dan Le Batard Show With Stugotz producer Chris Cote, who has been with the show since 2012.

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LeBatard, who is a big name within ESPN, felt blindsided by the news and felt the need to do something about it. LeBatard hired Cole back and made him his personal assistant and even gave him a pay raise.

Cote was one of the 300 or so employees recently laid off by ESPN in a wave of coronavirus-related cuts that literally decimated the payroll of the company. A full 10% of employees were given walking papers by the Connecticut-based sports media giant. 


LaBatard felt he should have been consulted in this move. Cote was unbelievably grateful for Le Batard’s gesture. He shared on Twitter just how appreciative he was.

End of the day, this should serve as a lesson to all. Work hard and maybe your boss will save you from the chopping block