The WWE is known for running a tight ship and when you mention unionization, that’s something they wouldn’t stand for.

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Former WWE superstar Zelina Vega learned that the hard way as she was released by the WWE. Vega sent out a tweet in favor of unionization. Exactly a few minutes later, WWE announced they have released Vega out of her contract.

WWE has cracked down on its wrestlers using unauthorized third-party platforms to build a business and make money, such as Cameo, Mixer, and Twitch. Vega and her husband Aleister Black were active on Twitch.


For decades, many believe wrestlers within WWE and other wrestling companies should’ve looked into forming unions to protect the talent’s vested interest.

WWE superstars aren’t employees, they’re independent contractors. They receive no health insurance and before COVID-19, that was something you could have gotten away from.

No telling what Vega’s next move will be but WWE definitely put other talents on notice with this sudden release.