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This has been a tough year for many, but Houston Hip Hop artist Quey sees 2020 as a year of change. Although times have been rough, Quey kept pushing. The gifted musical storyteller recently moved from Miami to Houston to begin the next chapter of his life and career. This new beginning is just one of several stories he recounts on his latest album, “MIA 2 H-Town.”

Characterized by truthful storytelling, Quey’s energetic music is a crafted combination of Hip Hop with Trap elements, complemented by his incredible delivery and flow. His latest single, “Good Day,” is a reinvented version of the Ice Cube classic. Quey’s track describes a good day that anyone can relate to, especially someone from the streets who enjoys a break from the stress of everyday living. To add flavor to his tales, Quey loves to use distinctive metaphors. “I feel like metaphors bring songs to life,” Quey said. Instead of just saying ‘yeah, this is it,’ Quey prefers to get the brains flowing.

While in Miami, Quey and two friends shot his new music video for “Good Day” on the spur of the moment after one of the men proclaimed “today was a good day,” it seemed the perfect time to start filming. Released only a few days ago, the video can now be seen on YouTube.The “Good Day” track appears on the deluxe edition of Quey’s latest album, “MIA 2 H-Town.” Released on his birthday (September 11), the ten-track collection tells the story about a turning point in his life when he moved from Miami to Houston. It pays homage to the city which made him the man he is today, overcoming obstacles of a difficult year. “Growing up in Miami, I got prepared to take on the world, and it prepared me to take on the challenges I’ve faced in 2020 and will face in the future.”Mixing creative metaphors with regional phrases and nicknames, the artist had fun telling his story on one of the album’s standout tracks, “Real One.” The song tells listeners that Quey is a real one, and talks about his experiences and some of the things he has done. Quey has carefully developed his unique style since his more experimental 2019 releases, and his “MIA 2 H-Town” album clearly showcases the artist’s signature sound.


Originally from Miami, Florida, Quey (Q-E) is a 24 year old rapper who combines clever lyricism, storytelling, and a powerful delivery that defines the young star. “MIA 2 H-Town” was released on Quey’s new record label, Hit Squad Records, a venture that also represents several other artists. Be on the lookout later this year for the Hit Squad compilation project featuring artists from his record label.

Quey is currently writing and recording more of his music. He has released two EPs and three albums along with several singles over the past two years, and is hoping to drop another EP by the end of this year. He chose the title “Fourth Quarter” for the next EP because, as he put it, “it’s been a hard year for mostly everybody, so the fourth quarter is going to be the uplift. We made it! I know it’s been tough, let’s finish out strong!”