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Tiffany Gaines stands in a league of her own. She currently holds two CEO positions, another as Chief Operation Officer and is the founder of her own successful conglomerate SS Global Entertainment, and insists  she’s not stopping there.

Gaines was asked a series of questions, and here is how she responded:

How do you compete in a male dominated industry?


Not only do I have to consider the challenges of competing against a male dominating industry, but also the fact that I am an African American female on top of that doesn’t make things any easier. However, I have been blessed to be mentored under the most successful and well-respected individuals in the business who have taught me the ins and outs of how to protect myself in times of intimidation or feelings of shortcomings. I started out very young as a model for Baby Phat. From there, I met executives, producers, and celebrities of course who introduced me to a new world that I became fascinated by. From there, I found a true passion in writing which soon led to working with some of the greatest talents of the music industry.

What was the moment you realized you wanted to help independent entrepreneurs as opposed to taking the fast lane by just collaborating with known acts?

I need challenges in my life. I have never been the type of individual to take the shortcut when it comes to my career as well as life as a whole in the normal everyday life experiences. After being a successful event promoter and tour coordinator, I lost interest in doing the same thing repeatedly as I felt the work lacked substance. The talent my partners and I worked with were already well known and the events were always selling out so it soon became more so about how much could we earn rather than how many more lives could we change. At the time, MySpace was the popular social media site that everyone would advertise on and I would find it so interesting to watch independent artists promote their live performances and showcases regardless of the crowd size. They were consistent, driven, and it made me want to research what was missing behind their progress. From there, I began following a select few that I felt had potential and eventually introduced myself. I began hosting local showcases, where some of course had horrible turnouts due to the artists having little to no following, but once again, their eagerness to continue asking me if I had more events coming up regardless of how the turnout was encouraged me to keep going.

Soon the advancement of technology had started proving itself to show promise as an advertising tool to target a true audience based on location and demographics and from there I was on my way to a search for ways on how to increase the exposure of independent entrepreneurs as well as my own company and likeness as a whole. I started with managing a handful of artists, then soon found that number growing into the dozens. In 2006, I founded SS Global Entertainment, and merged my client roster from Blasia’s Entertainment which in five years had reached nearly 2000 clients ranging from DJs, MC’s, producers, musicians and models. In 2013, I secured a major distribution deal with LRT Entertainment, a couple of years later became acting CEO and from there went on to contract a combined total of over four thousand musicians, producers, managers and forty-seven record labels to date.

What advice can you give to other aspiring women who show interest in thriving in the Entertainment Industry? 

Commit to the most evident challenges that fall in your lap, such as being chosen over your male counterparts who too are making headway into a successful rise of their business and musical journey. If you sense a competitive spirit with a select few, combat intimidation and instead introduce yourself so they can see potential in working with you rather than competing against you. Keep integrity and a professional approach to all business relationships no matter what the circumstances are in front of you. The last thing you want to be known as is a female executive who compromised herself to get to the top of her position. Last but not least, never give up. We are structured naturally to bring life into this world. We are not set up as anything close to weak. We have a powerfully driven strength that flows within our instincts to nurture, feed and commit to sharing the best parts of ourselves with those who show they truly deserve it. I personally have set my values to ensure every day of my life, I am somehow sharing my success with those signed under my company which serves as a daily reminder of why I called my company Shared Success Global in the first place. Ultimately, if one focuses on all of the above when it comes to attempting to be anything other than great in whatever field you choose to rise in, I can almost guarantee you will be on your way to a better you before you know it.