Did you know that Moniece Slaughter sang America’s Next Top Model theme song?

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The Love and Hip Hop reality star made the revelation while she raved about still receiving royalties for it.

“More America’s Next Top Model Money… ‘YOU WANNA BE ON TOP’ My dad is better than yours,” she wrote on Instagram. “My dad got me the gig to sing the theme song for the show fresh outta high school and it still pays the bills. Thank you daddy @davetake6.”


The modeling competition series debuted in 2003 on a network that no longer exists. Tyra Banks hosted the hit series that ran for 23 “cycles” and launched the careers of some of our favorite models like Winnie Harlow.

About 17 years later Moniece Slaughter is still securing the bag for her work.

Moniece did an interview with The Jasmine Brand and spoke about the disparities between Black and white reality stars. “Flat out, I’m gonna f*cking say it: We weren’t Kris Jenner; we’re not being managed by Kris Jenners,” she said. “We don’t have, you know, a collective of people who are like, ‘We know your worth, we’re gonna fight for your worth, and we’re not gonna let you do anything that is below what you’re worth.’”

“So,we don’t get treated the same,” Slaughter continued. “We don’t get paid the same, and we don’t have ownership. So, we are literally a slave to the machine. And it’s sold to you one way, and then once you get in it, you didn’t have Kris Jenner representation, therefore, you got stuck in a bad deal.”