Ciara and Russell Wilson are the latest power couple to win our hearts. The pair announced the launch of their joint business venture, ​R&C The Fragrance Duo.

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“This is a dream come true for the both of us. I’ve been dreaming of creating my own fragrance for years and the chance to introduce our first fragrance together was truly special and meaningful,” Ciara, 35, told People.

“We created this fragrance during one of the toughest times in life and it brought us such joy in the midst of it all. I was also pregnant, and my sense of smell was off the charts, which was an advantage! The experience was very special and memorable and created really cool memories for Russell and I.”


The singer described what it was like testing the fragrances amid the coronavirus lockdown. “You have to find ways to keep it sexy and keep it fun. We couldn’t do date night out like we usually would, but we would have an at-home date night, and we would smell each other’s scents … We would give each other challenges and wear the fragrances at different times of the day on different days and see if we both had the same reaction to the ones we loved.”

The his and hers scent combo will be available for $90 on A portion of proceeds will be donated to their Why Not You Foundation.

Ciara and Russell Wilson to Launch Fragrance Inspired by Their Relationship