Just a month after Pop Smoke’s murder, Hitmaka stepped up to say that he believes the same group of people behind Pop Smoke’s murder are the same group of people who allegedly killed Pop Smoke.

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The Love and Hip Hop star showed security footage from his home that looked to be three armed individuals attempting to break into his Los Angeles home. The producer at first believed that he was set up by a woman that he was seeing, which is what led him to believe the killer’s behind Pop Smoke’s murder has some involvement in his attempted home invasion.

In a conversation with Drink Champs, the Hitmaka detailed his experience, sharing that he still suffers from PTSD regarding that incident. “They tried to come and kick in my crib. I had the alarm on. The crazy thing is that when it was happening, instead of her being like a girl who was in the midst of a home invasion like I was, she was fighting me. She was trying to fight me. She punched me again when it happened,” he stated.


Once Hitmaka reached his home in Miami, he claims that Pop Smoke’s girlfriend let him know that the people who came after him were the same individuals who murdered Pop Smoke.

The accuracy of these details have yet to be confirmed, but we will keep You updated on the story.