Just one day before the much-hyped Jeezy and Gucci Mane VERZUZ battle, Sno gives a taste of The Recession 2 in “Therapy For My Soul.”

The new release is spicy, targeting both Freddie Gibbs and 50 Cent in Jeezy’s moment of clarity. Gangsta Gibbs and Jeezy have been linked since 2011 when the former signed to CTE Records and it would crash soon after. Now Jeezy is offering his side of the story.

“If One-Five wasn’t my dawg, I would’ve touched them, When that shit went down with Gibbs, I couldn’t trust ’em,” raps Jeezy. “Invested my hard earn money, tied up my bread, but he gon’ try to tell you I’m flawed, that’s in his head.”

Jeezy also had some words for 50 Cent and his Instagram tactics:

“Talking about Power, weak niggas do the most. In real life, nigga you really borrow money from ghost, all that lil boy shit yea make it evident, making millions in these street, what the fuck is 50 cent?”

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So far Gibbs has responded and if we know 50, his words are on the way.