Prayers up to Boosie.

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Over the weekend, Boosie was shot in the leg in Dallas while paying respects to his friend and fellow rapper Mo3, who was killed on a freeway just a few days before.

According to GossipInTheCity, Boosie is not reportedly having complications with the wound due to his diabetes. There are rumors that he might have to get the leg amputated. This contradicts the diagnosis he shared on his IG live. “I’m good. Appreciate all the happy birthday wishes & get well soon wishes. I love y’all,” he said.


Many people did not know Boosie is a diabetic. He can be seen on his Instagram asking if people in his area have any insulin and has even videotaped himself going to pick up the drug.

Hearing the rumors that Boosie might get his leg amputated, many took to social media to share their prayers for the rapper.