New York City is the face of America for the world. And we are aware that most things that happen in New York will have an effect on the rest of the country. Well, we can all take a look at NY as Covid restrictions are ramping up due to soaring new cases and deaths. 

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New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said it’s “just a matter of time” until the state orders a halt to the indoor dining. Adding that a shutdown likely will come “in the next week or two.” This is a huge blow to the industry. Mainly because outdoor dining is impossible in cold-weather cities. 

A shutdown likely will come “in the next week or two,” de Blasio said Thursday at a news briefing.


Today, Governor Andrew Cuomo warned that the entire city could be placed into the state’s orange-zone category of Covid-19 problem areas. Ultimately, this means indoor dining must cease and outdoor dining must be limited to four people per table. 

Restaurants were closed for more than five months during the initial outbreak, and have been limited to 25% capacity since Sept. 30.

Things are definitely getting scarier for business owners. Our thoughts and prayers are with both the victims of Covid as well as the business owners forced to shut down