Did you know that Sheck Wes was a hooper? I mean, I guess it makes sense seeing that he is friends with Mo Bamba of the Orlando Magic. But who knew he entered the 2020 draft?

Sheck Wes hit Instagram and revealed that the Draft was about to be a night made in his dreams.

“Damn… it’s really real, The 2020 NBA DRAFT, all my life I always wanted to follow my passion for music and basketball,” Sheck shared on Instagram. “Playing basketball and going to play pro in the @nba is something that I always strived for. Tonight that dream comes true!

“I want to thank the @nba for their hard work with the growing the game and every team that gave me an opportunity to work out and talk with them. I also want to thank my team and my fans for always being there! TUNE IN TO THE 2020 NBA DRAFT tonight!!!!”

But if you tuned in to the draft, Wes didn’t get drafted and he returned online to give an update on it. 

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Think he was serious about hooping or is he making it apart of a music roll out?