Martin is arguably one the top tier Black sitcoms from the 1990s.

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Tisha Campbell, who famously plays Gina Waters on the show, did an interview with Entertainment Tonight and spoke about the series cultural impact.

“There were so many Black shows going on at the time. What was important was that there were two young African-American people who were in love. Now, we had The Cosby Show representation. But we really [never] had two young people who were having fun, discovering each other, discovering life. I think that is [why] there are so many songs about Martin and Gina.”


The actress talked about her reconciliation with Martin Lawrence after divorcing her ex-husband, Duane Martin, in 2018. “I hadn’t seen him since the last day of the show, and I literally screamed. I was like, ‘I’m so happy to talk to you.’” 

Tisha didn’t dish on the details of their feud but she added, “That will always stay private. And all I know is that at the end of it, we are so good. We are just supportive of one another, supportive of each other’s families. We talked, it’s all good.” 

But she did reveal the cast is “trying to” to push for a reboot. ” It’s so hard to say,” she continued.

Tisha Campbell explained their busy schedules and Tommy’s passing is going to make a reboot difficult.

“One, Tommy’s not here. And the other thing is the schedule. It literally falls down to schedule. Every single one of us, thank God, is still working.” 

She continued, “We made an impact and it was a big thing for us. And I do not take it lightly. I’m still grateful that I could ease and heal people with laughter.” 

Are you here for a Martin reboot?