At one point, Bow Wow was the biggest child star in music. The Ohio native first stepped onto the scene as Lil Bow Wow, releasing his debut album, Beware of The Dog in 2000, under the guidance and direction of So So Def founder, Jermaine Dupri. JD produced a great majority of Bow Wow’s early work and developed him as an artist. Throughout the years, the “Fresh Azimiz” rapper has become the bud of many social media jokes and challenges. Despite this, he continues to give his insight when necessary.

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Bow Wow took to his Instagram story to call out the “Old Heads” in the game. As a former child prodigy, he understands the importance of bridging the gap between the young and the veterans.

“Some of these older guys are starting to look like haters,” said Bow. “You not pose to understand the music but lets praise these young artist for making a way for themselves. Some of yall old heads have to accept its over and find a new way to continue on your legacy. Doesnt look good on yall resume. “


He continues by encouraging the newer generation of artist to continue their path to greatness.

“Im all for whats going on. I love what these young brothaz is doing! Keep it up you guys are now! And the future of this business … don’t let anyone tell you different.”

There is no specific person that Bow Wow was targeting for the message. Hopefully it resonates with both parties that were addressed.