The Trump administration’s access to the White House accounts for Facebook and Instagram now has an end date. Variety reports the White House official accounts will be authorized to The Biden Administration beginning January 20, 2021.

That date is the day president-elect Joe Biden is sworn in as our nation’s 46th U.S. president. The @WhiteHouse, @POTUS, and @FLOTUS accounts will officially be turned over then.

“In 2017, we worked with both the Obama Administration and incoming Trump Administration to make sure the transition of their Facebook and Instagram accounts was seamless on January 20th, and we expect to do the same here,” a Facebook spokesperson said to Reuters in a statement.

The Trump personal accounts, which he often pushes his false statements about the results of the election, will remain in control of Trump.

Trump has yet to concede the election, instead, showing defiance and willing to push baseless election fraud claims.