Gucci Mane and Jeezy’s Verzuz battle was rocky the whole time, but it ended on a positive note after Jeezy extended an olive branch to Gucci.

They even co-hosted an afterparty at the nightclub, Compound, and it was a peaceful night. But unfortunately, the drama is happening outside of Magic City and on the Internet.

Pookie Loc’s son wrote on social media that he started receiving death threats after the battle. “I’m gettin death threats and all,” Quint “Leftside” Ross wrote on Facebook per HipHopDX. “Let’s do it get me a new strap.” 


Gucci killed Pookie Loc in 2005 in an act of self-defense after Pookie and three other men broke into his home for an armed robbery and began assaulting him.

The fatal shooting came after Jeezy released the diss track, “Stay Strapped,” where he put a $10,000 hit on Guwop’s chain. Which is where Gucci’s petty behavior during the virtual battle stemmed from.

The “Lemonade” rapper performed his “Truth” record right in front of Jeezy and rapped the lyrics, “Go dig your partner up, nigga, bet he can’t say shit,” with his chest. To add insult to injury, Gucci said he’s “smoking on Pookie Loc” after the record already stopped playing.

“Boy that nigga disrespectful asf and jeezy boy I’m upset with you cuzz,” Ross continued on Facebook. 

There’s no reason for him to be receiving death threats but Internet trolls should consider mental evaluations.