If you haven’t watched or listened yet, PLEASE tune into All the Smoke. The basketball meets real-life podcast is hosted by former NBA players Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson. The latest episode brings in Chris Bosh who shines a light on his career including the Miami HEAT days.

Bosh spoke with Stack and Barnes about the moment he learned LeBron James was leaving and stated he felt a way about it.

“Through a text. I thought it was BS,” said Bosh. “And then about ten minutes later, it’s everywhere. At the time, I didn’t understand it. In my mind, I was ready to put the team back together because we had just lost. So, we wanted to put something back together so we could win, and it really didn’t go like that. I took offense to it to be honest with you, at first.”

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Bosh and Bron are all good now and Bosh’s jersey is retired in the rafters of Miami.

You can see the conversation below. Also for the culture, catch the Allen Iverson All The Smoke interview too.