Kevin Hart may be under fire following a recent photo of his baby girl that was posted to his social media account. It’s not the picture of the baby girl that’s the issue, fans found more of an issue with what Kaori Mari, his newborn was dressed in.

Hart posted the beautiful newborn in an onesie that read, “Zero F*cks Given.” The saying on the onesie comes from Hart’s recent stand-up special on Netflix that he is promoting titled, ‘Zeo F*cks Given.” A lot of fans were concerned and upset that the comedian would dress a newborn baby in a profanity-laced outfit. Judging by the title of the stand-up special… you can imagine Kevin Hart’s response to the critics.

“Y’all motha fcka’s need to grow up and get a hobby. What’s happening out here…once again I could give ‘Zero Fcks’……Now go watch my special on NETFLIX ‘Zero Fcks Given’ …..Stupidity at the highest level. #ComedicRockStarSht …..This is why my mindset is what it is in my comedy special ….as said in ‘Zero F*cks Given’ y’all are THE FEDS.”


You can tune into Kevin Hart’s “Zero F*cks Given” comedy special on Netflix.