Mo’nique appeared on Tamar Braxton’s Under Construction podcast and she spoke about her open marriage with her husband Sidney Hicks and why she calls him daddy.

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“When people say to me, ‘Why do you call him Daddy? I tell them: ‘because he’s raising me. He’s giving me everything that my father did not.’”

The comedian acknowledged that it can be sometimes embarrassing but he expressed his desire to “treat her like a lady” and she follows his lead.


“See, there ain’t nobody else in the room and he’s had to say some things to me, Tamar, that has taken me to my knees, and then he’ll pick me back up and he’ll say: ‘Is anything I’m saying to you not true?’” the Precious star said.

“And I’ll say, ‘Everything you’re saying to me is true, but right now, n*gga, my ego — I need you to walk away, because the crazy b—- inside of me, she getting ready to say something and mess up the moment,’” Mo’Nique said to Braxton’s light laughter. “‘I know she’s coming. Here she come. She getting ready to come out the basement.’ And then he loved all of us through it. He loved all of us through it.”

Mo’nique went on to give a message to other women who might be resistant to “queen training.”

“Y’all, please, if you have a good one, let your guard down and let it happen. You’re going to hear some sh– that’s going to shock you because when you’ve got a king, he’s got to prepare you to be the queen,” she said. “And so many of us ain’t got the queen training, so when we get the king, we don’t know what to do with this sh–.”

She also took the time out to shamelessly plug-in her podcast she co-hosts with her husband since 2006, Mo’Nique & Sidney’s Open Relationship.

“When we first had the conversation, it was because I was still in the mindset of, ‘I’m an entertainer. I’m a performer, and I want to have it all.’ So I said ‘You know what, I want to have an open marriage.’ And he said, ‘Mo’Nique, we’ve been best friends since the 10th grade. Do you think that’s going to stop us from loving one another?’”

“‘It was just being able to sit down and have that dialogue to say, ‘hey, let’s always make sure we’re open and honest,’” she said.