On this date in 1992, J-Swift, Fatlip, Imani, Bootie Brown, and Slimkid3 took the world on a ride on the “Pharcyde” with their first LP, Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde. Released on the Cali based Delicious Vinyl label and produced by former group member J-Swift, Bizarre Ride introduced Hip Hop fans to an alternative to the gangsta rap that was so prevalent and expected from the West Coast.

The 16-track album produced tracks that their core followers may be familiar with, however, none of the songs were as popular as the kaleidoscopic “Passin Me By”. All three emcees brought their own tragic comedies of “the one that got away”; love lives gone awry. The eccentric classic was so popular, it appeared on the soundtrack to the 1999 Adam Sandler silver screen gem Big Daddy.

This certified gold classic broke many boundaries for the West Coast and Hip Hop in general as we all were shaken from the stereotype of the type of music that was bred on the “left” coast. Salute to the entire Pharcyde crew for bringing Hip Hop this timeless masterpiece!