It’s always going to be one person that takes things too far. In the case of Troy Ave, he is the wrong one to take things too far.

When discussing the much-discussed VERZUZ battle between Jeezy and Gucci Mane that resulted in one of the biggest moments in Hip-Hop history, Troy Ave didn’t side with the vast majority who are happy to see the beef is over. Instead, the Brooklyn rapper stated more violence should have occurred, suggesting Jeezy should have killed Gucci Mane.

“If you killed somebody I love and we performing on camera…well I guess I’m killing u on camera,” Troy Ave wrote on Instagram. “#StreetsIsAMyth.”

Now, clearly it’s not a good idea to kill anyone, especially on camera in front of millions, but Troy Ave is known for saying wild things all the time. Next time he decides to speak about acts of gun violence, maybe he needs to remember what he is facing.

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You can see his statement here.