The untimely death of late Chicago rapper, King Von has shocked many. Especially since the rapper was gunned down a week after the release of his debut album, “Welcome to O Block.”

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As it is unclear whether or not the murder of King Von has been convicted but many have been pointing fingers at Quando Rondo and his team.

Family and friends have been most affected by the death of the Chicago rapper, including Asian Doll who was the ex-girlfriend of the rapper before his passing. Upon the rapper’s death, Asian Doll seemed to be taking the death very harshly, as she made some concerning post once the news broke that the rapper lost his life.


As time has passed, it seems as though Asian Doll is in better spirits, the Texas rapper has even taken it upon herself to honor her ex-boyfriend by adding to her collection of King Von tattoos. Asian Doll has previously shown her fans two tattoos that read King Von’s name prior to his death, and now Asian has got a portrait of King Von onto her hand.

Initially, Asian Doll told fans that she wanted to get King Von tatted onto her face but it seems as though plans have changed. before the tattoo was finished, Asian posted this on her social media. “My tattoo so raw I ain’t even finished & mfs already haten but soon as my sh*t get finished they finna be d*ck riding,” Doll wrote.

With a complete portrait of the late rapper in her hand, she quoted the tweet “Know How We Rocking DAYVON.” 

Rest in Peace to King Von, we send our love and condolences to his family and friends at this time.