The nominations for the 2021 Grammys are in and although people claim not to care about it, it’s a trending topic annually.

Wiz Khalifa reflected on being nominated four years ago for three nominations for “See You Again,” but feeling snubbed. “As a grammy nominated artist I know how it feels. Niggas always think its unfair until they get their turn. Just keep workin and that time’ll come through.”

A fan commented, “cardi wining a Grammy when nicki minaj didn’t is the biggest proof that they don’t know a shit bout music.”


In a since-deleted tweet Wiz responded, “Most self made artists have this problem.”

Cardi didn’t waste any time to go in on him once she caught wind of the comments. She even pulled a “this you?” moment of him giving her advice that same year he received those Grammy nods via Instagram DM.

The Bronx rapper continued, “I don’t understand why niggas entertain tweets that pit successful women against each other? Ya not tired of that? Specially when ya was rooting hard when a bitch was at the bottom.”

Wiz Khalifa didn’t want any smoke and insisted that he does consider her a self made artist. “Damn that wuz good advice. I still support u. Nothings changed. Your self made in my book as well,” he quote tweeted her original tweet.

One fan advised the rapper not to give the situation his attention, but he clarified, “I just don’t want a Cardi/ Wiz war goin on for no reason.”

Will Belcalis accept his apology?