Chika’s 2020 is continuing to be bright. The rising star is featured in a new ad with ESPN, delivering the vocals that highlight everything the undefeated leader in digital sports has on their app. The “One App, One Tap” marketing campaign premiered during the 2020 American Music Awards on ABC.

Chika is a 22-year-old Montgomery, Alabama native who uses her talents to display the swagger and tone of a champion sports app. ESPN teamed with BSSP on the creative.

“Being the No. 1 sports app in the country, with more than triple the number of monthly users than the next closest competitor and more time spent than the next two combined this year, hasn’t stopped us from constantly innovating to better meet the needs of fans,” said Seth Ader, VP of Brand Marketing, ESPN. “The ESPN App is the gateway to everything we have to offer, including ESPN+, and has a fresh new look. In this new campaign, recording star Chika infuses energy and swagger and delivers our story in parallel with the endless array of content found in the app. We have never been more confident in our ability to serve sports fans digitally. We know our fans will agree.”

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“The ESPN app is the No. 1 sports app in the world, so we wanted to reintroduce our app to the masses and let fans everywhere rediscover just how deep it will take you into the world of sports,” said Sinan Dagli, Group Creative Director at BSSP. “We love the energy of the piece – it’s a jolt of adrenaline for the brand, and captures the excitement and spontaneity we’re all chasing after.”

“One App, One Tap” launches in a strong year in growth and leadership for ESPN’s digital future. The creative reinforces the app as an essential platform and the only place for fans to access the best storytelling in sports across all content forms – streaming, audio, social, and written. 

You can see the ad below.