Jeezy followed up his 2008 classic album with a sequel release in The Recession 2. The Snowman had the attention of the entire music world and more when he and Gucci Mane stepped onto the Verzuz stage last week. Jeezy initially extended the olive branch to make it happen. After a couple of attempts, it was a success. The two Atlanta rapper finally put to rest their longstanding beef and now the culture can move forward knowing that they have done so.

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This led up to the release of The Recession 2. The Def Jam rapper formed an enticing campaign around the new project including the Verzuz battle, his latest Recession podcast as well as his new show, Worth A Conversation on Fox Soul.

In his latest interview with People Magazine, Jeezy says his new album “embodies what it means to be a strong Black man.” Recession 2 bleeds this theme from head to toe. On the Rick Ross featuring “Almight Black Dollar,” he emphasize the importance of riding our spending habits for luxury europeans brands for investing in our own communities.


All this Fendi and Gucci is goofy
LV canceled, you tell them to sue me
Rolex AP ain’t sh*t, y’all follow
Need that, need us,
Almight Black Dollars

African Americans spends the most when it comes to consumer culture. In the past, that money is rarely invested back into some of the underprivileged communities we come from. Jeezy echoes the need to restore Black communities financially. Buying luxury attire is counter productive to the ultimate agenda of community restoration.

Jeezy is on a mission to being an active leader, by being an example how to do so. His music, album cover and current activities outside of music all exemplify his new agenda.