The Weeknd sounded off on the corrupt nature of the Recording Academy after he got zero Grammy nominations.

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The singer said that he spent weeks working on an upcoming performance for the prestigious award ceremony, but he’s taking his snub as an uninvitation.

“Collaboratively planning a performance for weeks to not being invited? In my opinion zero nominations = you’re not invited!” he tweeted.


But it was this missile that had The Weeknd’s fans side-eyeing the Grammys. “The Grammys remain corrupt,” he stated. “You owe me, my fans and the industry transparency…”

This comes after a number of Black artists including Wiz Khalifa, Nicki Minaj, and 50 Cent blasted the voting committee for being disconnected.

Harvey Mason Jr., the Recording Academy’s chair and interim president/CEO, spoke to Billboard over the phone late Tuesday to respond to The Weeknd’s claims of the Grammy’s “corrupt” nature. “It saddened me. I try to empathize with where that came from, but it was difficult to hear,” he said. “I can understand he’s disappointed [at being shut out]. Everybody at the academy understands that he’s disappointed. I was personally surprised that he was not nominated.”

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