Kahlil Simplis comes through with a new project entitled Just Started. The LA native first attracted listeners for his dynamic and melodic style of rap. Last year he released his debut EP entitled, 234. Now Simplis is looking for this EP to take on a life of its own.

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“It’s a 6-song project which essentially is about me just getting started in this music sh*t and my transition from hoop to pursuing music as a career. Each song on here is like a perspective about where my head is at being at this point. Song by song, the story line goes from me explaining how I “Just Started” and my transition to music from hoop, to me being “Lost In My Own World”and finding myself … to me having “Dreams” about this moment and what it comes with, and what I dreamt this moment would be like,” says the LA rapper.

Just Started is a short, yet impressively diverse body of work that effortlessly balances his storytelling lyricism with the vibes needed to keep any audience member engaged.  


“I want people to feel confident listening to my music and leaving with a sense of assurance that they can get anything done that they put their mind to,” he says.

He takes a deep dive into his journey as an artist in each of the 6 songs. In doing so, he provides a message that galvanizes each listener.