New York is home to one of the strongest hip-hop scenes in the game right now. Standing out from the pack is a newcomer who has found a way to develop his own sound while staying true to his roots. Hailing from Queens, NY rapper and songwriter Bryan Bell delivers a refreshing new spin on the local music scene and is here to let you know he has a place in the buzzing city. The new single “Sue Me Later” was inspired after a series of business mishaps between the artist, his former manager, and other clients of his as well. The artist delivers soulful riffs and high notes throughout the record in an upbeat tempo that is much needed in today’s global climate. His inspirations are so eclectic – Jagged Edge and Stevie Wonder to Chris Brown and ASAP Rocky – and you can hear him drawing from each of them to form a complete record.

The artist grabs you with the infectious hook in which he states “I’m tryna reach some mills before I meet my death”. The driving forces behind this young artist are clear; music drives his soul and his willingness to be great not only for himself but the people around Bryan Bell that are inspired to seek better for themselves as well. We are looking forward to watching Bryan’s journey as he continues to release more singles while working towards his self titled debut LP, Bryan Bell.