Born and raised in the Bronx, New York emerging emcee, Sha Bussin Not Ya Cousin has been making his mark. Like many talented artists at a young age he grew a passion for music. Surviving from complex environments it inspired him to perfect his craft and make authentic and meaningful records. His music is relatable to many different people from every walk of life. 

“My sound is like a clean cut diamond. None of my songs sound the same, but they all hit the same. I make music for people to relate to and create a positive vibe. I knew this one was a hit, right after recording it. My music is influenced by my upbringing. Growing up in poverty you see things from a different perspective. That “get it by you live” mentality really sticks with you growing into your adult years.”

In the opening scene as he goes into a store as the beat drops. Reminding us how this is the perfect time to be a boss. Shot in the Bronx, Sha takes us through the trenches thought the visual. He knew this song would be a hit after the first recording session. This multi talented creative is also an engineer so he able to mix this down himself. After listening to the track a few hundred times 


he came up with the creative direction and concept. You can see how his creative thought process plays out in the video. Check it out here!