LaVar Ball has been clamoring for a one on one game with Micheal Jordan for some time now. With his son LeMelo Ball being drafted by Jordan and the Charlotte Hornets, the possibility for the one on one game is alive and well.

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Ball was asked during a turkey giveaway about the possibility of facing Jordan. He told TMZ Sports he would do it under one very expensive condition.

“You’re going to see me and Mike play for the small price of $200 million on pay-per-view. If it’s a dollar short, we’re not playing,” Ball said. “Whenever they come with $200 million, I’ll be ready to put my shoes back on and give you one more game.”


LaVar hasn’t talked to Jordan yet about the matchup but with Jordan drafting LaMelo Ball to the Hornets, it’s a matter of time before he brings it up or the media brings it to Jordan’s attention. Either way, Ball believes it’s unrealistic to expect a game.

“Realistically, neither one of us is going to do this. We over 50!” Ball said.

Ball should reconsider after watching the numbers Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. did for their exhibition fight.