Summer Walker and London On Da Track’s relationship have been a roller coaster. It has been off and on but now there is a child in the middle as the Over It singer is currently pregnant.

Walker hit Instagram and issued a message to fans.

“I should really out this bum ass nigga @londonondatrack,” Walker shared on her story. “I could really fuck up life… lol but… I’m not. For now. lol for now ima just take my L. A whole bitch.”

But the issues with Walker didn’t stop there. She would also call out Black men for doing better in parenting, highlighting her own family situations.

“My grandfather lame, my father lame, & dis nigga lame. lol and I guess the cycle will just continue,” she wrote. “I guess niggas still dealing with the shackles of mental slavery or some shit, back when white men ripped you from your families and beat you to death if you tried to protect them. It goes deep. Shits really sad.”

You can see the messages below.