Atlanta police are reporting that they have detained one person in connection with a confrontation involving roughly 300 kids in a shopping district on Saturday. A brawl that sent one teen to the hospital.

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A police spokesperson stated that multiple units were sent to clear a large crowd of children around 5:30 p.m. Police also said that they were advised by callers that the kids in the crowd, or at least some of them, were involved in a fight. 

According to Atlanta Police, the large group of juveniles began fighting “over what appears to be an ongoing dispute between the males.” These teens were from multiple jurisdictions across the city. 


The mother of the teen who was transported to a local hospital spoke out, saying a large group jumped her son for no reason. The teen’s mom, Tanisha Smith said, “For them to hurt each other and be unruly and there needs to be something in place for them to realize that it’s not okay for us to hurt one another.” 

The teen’s sister, Iresha Ridley said “He has abrasions, his nose is swollen, and they have to perform a CT scan when the swelling goes down. He also has abrasions to his lips.” 

At this point, police say the investigation is still ongoing.