As Cordae preps for his forthcoming sophomore output, the North Carolina-born emcee has been going through changes. Undergoing a metamorphosis that has seen the former YBN frontrunner transform into a star on his own right, Cordae has steadily secured his place as one of the more prolific artists of his rising class.

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In a classic case of irony, the 23-year-old has gone from beefing with J. Cole to assuming a position as a viable successor, and such is evidenced on his latest “The Parables” output. On the newest track, Cordae puts his storytelling to the test. He forces his pen to bleed out an emotional narrative, serving up his transgressions via a series of short stories to compose the cut.

“I can tell you ’bout the time I signed a deal for twenty bands/And used that shit to get my brother out the can, lemme tell you,” he repeats on the hook.


Producers Nami and Cardiak work together to craft the dark backdrop that scores Cordae’s latest display of growth. It’s growth that extends far beyond his lyrical content. At the outset, Cordae puts on a show of technique that should be appreciated across generations as he packages his tales with the cadence of a vet:

“Swerve, born from the trenches, you from the ‘burbs, n—a/Fuck the early bird, nigga/I’ma get this motherfuckin’ chicken/And if a n—a ever got a problem, n—a/We can fuckin’ solve it, on my mama, n—a/I just been itchin’/ To prove myself.”

On “The Parables,” Cordae exercises undeniable depth and he does so with relevant finesse, carving a promising path toward longevity.

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