West coast Hip Hop artist Compton R.E.G approaches his craft with a distinctive draw and clever rhymes. Coming out of Compton with a gritty vibe, his influences range from Rick James, Rakim, Eazy E and Ice Cube to Leaders of the New School and Snoop Dogg. Having spit alongside heavy weights like Chaka Khan, Snoop Dogg, Biggie, Akon, Kelis and more, it’s clear that you don’t have to hunt very far in LA to find the next R.E.G verse. 

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His first single “No No” is a true conviction of society. His heartfelt simulation invites you into the front seat of a larger conversation. And his second single “Feel On Your Booty” featured local motivator and inspiration to R.E.G, the one and only Snoop Dogg. The success of his first two singles inspired the official launch of his company Gorilla Hustle Entertainment. Founded by CEO Dee Wade, the duo discovered an incredible synergy by adapting the same ‘get away from the old’ mentality. Dee bettered R.E.G’s thought process by turning his negative energy into positive energy every single day. 

Eventually the two of them would link up with CEO Suave Churchill who remains at the forefront, connecting the dots. Suave had originally been brought on to manage R.E.G and since things were working out as planned, he was brought on board to join the Gorilla Hustle team. R.E.G feels like covid and 2020 motivated him to kick things into high gear. The lack of shows truly leveled the playing field and as a result, added more fairness to the current climate. Smoking a little and really honing in on the music propelled his momentum in very impressive ways this year.In 5 to 10 years, R.E.G sees himself using his music to build generational wealth. He wants to use his talents and business acumen to produce a good life for his offspring and the ones that come next. And last but not least, he wants to add himself to the Compton legacy that has been established for many years. You can find Compton R.E.G online @regcompton and his team at Gorilla Hustle and EKJ on their website here.