DJ Akademiks is letting it fly as his Complex show, Everyday Struggle is coming to an end. He blames his sexist rant towards Chrissy Teigen and beef with Freddie Gibbs earlier this year as reasons for the show’s demise. Now, he is taking shots at Joe Budden Podcast co-hosts, Rory and Mal, calling them “bum ass n*ggas.”

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“I’ma be honest with you, I wasn’t with it… Listen, I’m not Rory and I’m not [Mal]. It should be very evident what I built because them bum ass n*ggas are struggling. Facts! I’m gonna be aight. You know what I like about what Joe did?… Joe making millions, he don’t care. You see them little bum ass n*ggas that yall be like Rory and Mini Mal? Them n*ggas is living like check-to-check. Them n*ggas is really down bad. That was never me.”

Ak went on to praise Joe as a creative and for turning Everyday Struggle, into what was supposed to be a weekly show, into a daily show.


“I pulled up to his crib in a $180,000 car. G-Wagon. Facts! I got that from YouTube. I was doing really well, I was making $100,000 a month. We went to Complex, they were giving us $10,000 for—it was supposed to be a weekly show… So we accepted the terms of a daily show. I said, ‘Eh.’ Again, I was never there for money. I didn’t collect a check from them for six months. I’m good already. That’s the parallel in between where I’ve been.”

He then added that he no longer wanted to be seen as a “YouTube guy” and wanted a more mainstream audience.

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