A couple of weeks ago, Drake teased a new collaboration with Nike set to debut on December 18. At the time, information on what the duo was working on was slim, beyond a new logo that shined in Toronto, now we have clarity.

Drake and Nike have announced the launch of a new sub-label, NOCTA.

Ahead of the release, Drake highlighted the importance of being able to partner with Nike for this release:

This moment is full circle for me.  

I mean, growing up Nike was everything. It felt like every shoe I wanted, every athlete I liked, everything I owned was Nike. It didn’t mean anything unless it had a Swoosh. 

I remember watching all these athletes repping Nike — each doing the unthinkable — and how inspiring it was. I always felt like there was an opportunity for Nike to embrace an entertainer the same way they had athletes. I thought about how crazy it would have been and what it would have meant for an artist to have a flagship Nike deal. 

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Drake would go on to detail NOCTA is created “for people on the move. People who want functional, comfortable fits that are adaptable from one environment to the next.”

You can read the full announcement of NOCTA here. The Nike NOCTA collection launches globally beginning December 18. Visit nocta.com  or @officialnocta for more.