NBA Rookie of the Year Ja Morant will star in a new docuseries that will highlight his journey to becoming a household NBA name in a crazy season.

The docuseries will be called Promiseland and is set to drop in 2021. Promiseland is a six-part series and is created and directed by Dexton Deboree, founder of Falkon and visionary behind the award-winning feature film,  Unbanned:  The  Legend of  AJ1. The series will highlight Morant’s rising star from high-school prospect to a must-see NBA talent.

The series is a joint project from the production teams of DLP Media Group, Deboree’s Falkon Entertainment, RTG Features, and Interscope Films, and is currently in post-production, with the filmmakers also in discussions with buyers and distributors.  

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“With the global pandemic and civil unrest in  America acting as a  backdrop for this season, the series went far beyond that of simply a  basketball story,  revealing a side of  Ja we could have never anticipated,”  says Deboree, creator/director of Promiseland. “We quite literally witness him become a man, find his voice amid the social landscape, and powerfully step into the shoes of a shining role model for both his community and for his generation. We went into  this knowing  Ja was  something  special,  but emerge  now  believing he’s truly one of a kind.” 

The series began before the 2019-20 NBA season and went inside the Orlando bubble with Morant.

“It was incredibly important to find a way to keep cameras rolling through everything,” says Mike Hughes, founder and CEO of DLP Media Group (ESPN 30 for  30’s LANCE, Rodman: For Better or Worse, Pony Excess). “You only get one chance to capture a moment like this,  and Ja became an incredible lens to view the changing world.” 

Promiseland will feature more NBA stars and additional rookies in the future.

“This series shines a deeply personal light on dreams unfolding and being realized in real time,” says Aron Phillips, COO of RTG  Features.  “It’s a rite  of  passage  moment with tremendous stakes.”