Established Detroit recording artist/entrepreneur stormed 2020 with a creative sound, tremendous work ethic, undeniable business portfolio alongside a hit single. Today, the mogul continues to shine in music as his breakout year comes to a close with the release of his new video/single, “Drop That Location.”

Throughout the visual, Tape is organizing and collecting while developing himself as a tycoon in the streets. The video was conceptualized from the artist’s own self-reflection and redesign. Tape explains:

“‘Drop That Location’ was inspired as a reintroduction of Detroit King Tape. Showing the world where I’m at presently in life and all that I’m currently manifesting… You wana know me? “Drop that location”. You owe me? “Drop that location”. It’s more about me sharing my story/talent to the world by dropping my location.  Basically. This is where I’m at wit it.””Drop That Location” sets up Tape’s promising new album, scheduled for a 2021 release on DWI Entertainment. Along with releasing a new album, Tape will be unveiling a health spot called Healthy Hustle in Los Angeles. For everything Tape, follow him on Instagram:


Take a look at Tape’s reign, below: