Blxst has reloaded his stellar No Love Lost EP with a deluxe edition, adding in six new tracks that show off why he is an elite package of melodies and lyricism.

The new release from the Red Bull Records signee features Ty Dolla $ign, Tyga, Dom Kennedy, and Bino Rideaux.

Speaking of the deluxe edition, Blxst detailed the songs that made up the deluxe are a collection of pre and post work from the original EP.

“Some songs were [already created], some song were not,” Blxst said. “The deluxe just really came from me listening to my fans saying they wanted more music.”

The Dom Kennedy-assisted single, “Got It All,” leads the EP and is a product of the two being patched together from mutual friends.

“[We met] through mutual friends, like Jay 305. But I think Archie Davis [Dom’s manager] is the one who played him the song,” Blxst shared.

Speaking with The SOURCE, Blxst provides more details on his No Love Lost deluxe edition, which you can also hear below.

THE SOURCE: No Love Lost has become one of the most heralded releases of the second half of the year. How does that feel for you?

Blxst: I’m humbled. I feel like I am barely scratching the surface. It’s just reassurance that I have more work to do

Beyond the single, is there a song on the deluxe you believe will resonate with fans the most?

Yeah, I would say “Chosen.” I feel like people are going to gravitate more towards that song because people are not used to me having major features. 


Where do you generate the inspiration for your music? 

Just everyday things that I go through. I just look at life and reflect it in my music. From relationships to overcoming everyday challenges.

How is creating in the pandemic and not being able to get out and bring these songs to live crowds? 

It is a gift and a curse. Of course, I want to feel the energy from my fans, but it gives them a chance to take the time and listen to what I’m actually saying

Through the experience of releasing this project, what have you carried with you going forward? 

What I learned throughout this process is that quality always beats quantity, and I will always honor that.