The first look for the Wendy Williams biopic is here and the media mogul isn’t leaving any stone unturned.

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Actress Ciera Payton is set to portray Williams’ larger-than-life personality. P-Valley‘s Morocco Omari will play the radio turned television personality’s ex-husband, Kevin Hunter,

From the looks of the trailer, the biopic will touch on EVERYTHING from Wendy’s substance abuse, Hunter’s infidelity, and the shocking moment when she fainted live on-air on Halloween 2017.


“I am here to stay. Wendy Williams is not going anywhere,” Payton as Williams says in the trailer. “I’m gonna come in like a hurricane.”

“You’re self-indulgent, you’re narcissistic, you’ve got a coke habit,” an off-screen character accused Williams’ character.

“Before I had you I had me, and not you, nor anyone else, have the power to take away my gifts,” Williams later yells during an argument with on-screen Kevin.

“I’m gonna bring the heat,” she says as the trailer fades out. “I will turn this city out.”

Check out the trailer below. Wendy Williams: The Movie premieres Saturday, Jan. 30 at 8 p.m. ET on Lifetime.