In an unprecedented move by any entertainer of any genre, Lupe Fiasco is set to ensure that his fans are COVID free if they choose to pull up to his concerts.

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Last week, following the announcements that a vaccine will be ready for public use in a matter of weeks, Lupe announced his new plan to make sure that all attendees to his shows are vaccinated.

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Many people are split on whether or not Americans should be required to receive vaccinations and those who have little trust for the government made it known in the comment section of his post.


One person wrote, “7,500,000 recoveries. We have vaccines for the influenza that are 40-60% effective yet we have a ‘magical’ vaccine that just after a few months, has OVER 90% effectiveness. It’s comical honestly. We’ve yet to develop vaccines for other important illnesses and here we are with the COVID vaccine. There have been MULTIPLE meta-analysis studies performed showcasing the harm and ineffectiveness of masks. Deaths are now over saturated with COVID deaths. Deaths related to the Flu? Almost gone. Deaths due to natural causes? Almost none. Heart disease? Almost none? Obesity? Almost none. This is a time in history which separates lions from sheeps.”

Last week, LF took to Twitter to debate some of those who are against vaccination and asked what they propose beside what the government has to offer.