This year, among the plethora of traumas we’ve experienced as a collective whole, the Hip-Hop community was particularly affected by the sudden rise in deaths of young rappers, primarily at the hands of others intent on doing them harm. Late last month, The Game, who has seen and survived his share of rap beef, chimed in with sound advice for targetted rappers of the new generation.

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“Young rap ni–as, stop showing off all ya money on social media,” he penned on Twitter. “For every dollar, you floss it’s a hood ni**a out there loading a clip for you…. #iBeenWhereYouatAndSurvived”

On Monday (Dec. 7), however, he doubled back to issue an affeting piece of advice for Hip-Hop’s upstarts.


“10 rappers shot & killed this year alone & niggas wanna know my advice for up & coming artists,” the emcee tweeted out. “STAY THE FUCK IN THE HOUSE. #Fuck2020.”

Earlier this year, Pop Smoke’s tragic death was among the first in what no one could have predicted be a string of shocking losses. The Brooklyn rapper was gunned down in a Los Angeles rental after his killers allegedly pieced together his location based on social media posts.

“Niggas gettin killed by iPhone apps these days,” The Game would poignantly add to his sentiments this week.

For all it’s worth, some artists managed to survive grave encounters this year with the likes of Megan Thee Stallion, Benny the Butcher, and Boosie being able to walk away.