Faizon Love recently sat down with Vlad where he gave his two cents about Jay Z. He called Hov a “puppet,” discredited his drug dealing past, and blamed Jay’s glorification of the street life on the violence in rap today.

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“I criticize him for it because it’s kinda his fault,” Faizon told VladTV. “Jay-Z creates this drug dealing drug lord, I’ma drug dealer, I’ma drug lord. These kids are like, ‘We gotta do it, too.’ Not knowing that this is all made up shit.”

Vlad interrupted Faizon to try to correct him saying that Jay was selling drugs too and brought up one of Hov’s old partners De-Haven. Faizon said that De-Haven was in the streets while Jay was just “eating chips.”

He also criticized Jay for not starting Roc-A-Fella by himself despite having the money to do it. “Listen to me. I heard one dude say, ‘Jay-Z had so much money, drawers full of money. If he had so much money why does he have to go to [Kareem] Biggs [Burke] to start a record company? Just go start it yourself. All the money’s yours,” Love added.


After learning all this information on Hov, Faizon chalked it up to Jay being a “puppet.”

“Can you imagine Jay-Z fighting somebody in the streets? Somebody slap him, taking his cocaine, what he gon’ do?” Love added.